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At Surrey Lifestyle we offer a comprehensive range of made to measure blinds to suit all style of home and decor, from sleek & simple Roller blinds, Roman blinds made from a huge array of fabric options, to classic Venetian blinds. We also offer specialist blinds for Velux windows and conservatories. All are available with a variety of shapes, finishes and decorative accessories.

Impressions Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood blinds have fast become the volume selling “Wooden Venetian” blinds of the UK market. This robust cut-down product is made from 100% PVC and is a cost-effective solution for that timeless Venetian look at the window.

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50mm Wood Venetian Blinds

Our high quality Wooden Venetian blinds have long been a stalwart of our business. A fully made to measure product that proudly carries the handmade in Britain tagline. These blinds are made up of 50mm slats in a wide variety of finishes.

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Trishade Blinds

This unique blind type is a hybrid that operates like a Roller blind but opens as a Venetian blind. Using special fabric that looks like a roller blind when coming off the tube, it then opens up upon reaching its drop to create a beautifully soft Venetian look. A style statement for any home that will truly change the feeling of a room.


Duorol Blinds

The Duorol Blind is a double roller blind. Its effect comes from shifting the fabric stripes up and down using a side winder chain control operation allowing you to maintain your view whilst protecting your privacy.

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50mm Elements Wood Venetian Blinds

A stunning collection comprising of traditional and modern slat colours ensure you have the ability to completely transform any room with these handmade blinds. Ladder braid and a range of tape finishes are available to either colour co-ordinate with your blind or contrast against the slat colour to create that striking look.

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Vertical Blinds

A versatile blind with the flexibility to tilt and angle to provide shading and privacy without losing complete visibility. Simple to operate, easy to maintain and perfect for large glazed windows. With a choice of fabrics and controls you’ll find a product to suit your project.

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25mm Venetian Blinds

With a choice of over 80 colours and using durable aluminium slats, these versatile blinds will look good with any room colour scheme. All made with colour co-ordinated headrails, bottom bars, ladders and cords.

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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are simple and a great choice for all types of windows. We have a vast range of flame retardant fabrics including dim out, blackout, solar reflective, sunscreen and solar film.

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Battery Powered Roller Blinds

The perfect choice for a motorised blind. With a quiet and reliable low voltage motor which can be charged by a mains charger or solar panel.  With a simple radio control,  it’s one of the easiest blinds to operate and will give you years of trouble-free service.

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Hard Wired Roller Blinds

A perfect choice for when you need electric motor automation. Quiet and reliable, the low voltage electric motor is hard-wired to a 230v feed and controlled by a simple remote switch. A 40mm barrel houses the motor and can be fixed for face or top fixing with white metal brackets with attractive plastic covers.

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