You've split your cushion, the button has fallen off your chair, haberdashery is the answer, here at Surrey Lifestyle we provide you the tools and equipment to fix all your practial and imaginary ideas


Upholstery Supplies

From tools to webbing, if you are a budding furniture buldier or a trade customer, we are able to offer you what you need to achieve your projects

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webbing And Hessian

Essential for your upholstery class or home renovations, we stock a variety of webbing and hessian to fit the purpose and use

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Are you making cushions, has the zip gone on your sofa cover, we sell the zip and tape in a variety of colours to allow you to replace the zip for many more years of use

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Workroom supplies

We supply fellow businesses and those looking to start in the world of upholstery and making

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Curtain buckram is an alternative to using instead of curtain tape to create semi-rigid curtain headings which are perfect for pleated curtains. Our range of curtain buckram is available in both sew-in or iron-on options with the double-sided fusible buckram the ideal choice for handmade curtain headings and tie-backs.

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Blind cord will be a life saver if your existing cord happens to break and you need a new one to keep your blinds functioning properly. Or if your a budding blind maker this is an essential

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Curtain Pins And Hooks

Curtain pins and hooks are a staple for header tape curtains, coming in a variety of styles and shapes we have all you need to complete your look

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Curtain Tapes

We have a wide range of curtain tapes that you need , available by the metre

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Linings And Interlinings

For curtains and blinds we can supply you with all the lining and interlinigs that you could ever need, linings and interlinings can add elements to your curtains or blinds

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Velcro is a valuable item when your making curtains and blinds, it can be used to allow you to attach things with having the practical abiilitys to remove and replace

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Knitting Supplies

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Sewing Accessories

Essential items to help with your sewing needs, pens, tapes, scissors, chalks, all these can help complete your projects

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Sewing Machine Accessories

Sewing machines need replacements and here we can help, we have needles and bobbins which will allow you to carry on sewing

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Sewing Threads

We stock Gutermann thread, if your a budding new hobbyist to a maker we have a wide variety of colours and styles to suit your needs

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